Hormones are a big topic. The thing females and males shares about hormones is that we all make hormones in the same way, we just have a different way to distribute our hormones. For example, did you know that all of our hormones are made from cholesterol? Yes, too much bad LDL cholesterol is bad, but too little won’t make enough hormones. So if we assess some ones hormones, but we don’t look at cholesterol, we aren’t really looking at the whole picture. 

Cholesterol converts into a base hormones and eventually converts into testosterone and testosterone like hormones are made, which will eventually convert into estrogen. Did you know that estrogen is made via testosterone and androsterone? Our hormones are very connected to each other. 

Not only are our reproduction hormones such as estrogen and testosterone all linked, but so are our stress hormones. Stress is not just a emotional thing but also a medical hormone with a lab value. Assessing someone’s stress system is a big part of their hormone balance. 

Naturopathic doctors have a skill in balancing hormones, supporting nutrients for hormones support but what we do really well is hormone detoxification and removal.

Hormones are made in the reproductive organs to a large degree and the adrenal glands to a lesser degree for most hormones male and female. When those hormones have completed their jobs for the body, they go to the liver for detoxification. Detoxification occurs mainly in the liver in phase I and phase II detoxification, but also in the digestive system for phase III detoxification. Now, not only the liver but the digestive system can play a role in hormones balance. 

Hormones treatments take a step by step assessment which includes looking at the actual hormone results in laboratory testing, looking at associated organ function such as adrenal glands (stress system), liver function, and digestive system function. As well as looking at nutrient deficiencies and any other factors that relate to the hormone system.

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