Thyroid function: 

  • Stimulates metabolism 
  • Controls and maintains body temperature (which is indirectly ass w cellular function) colder temps means slow function and hotter temps means faster function inside cells 
  • Gets rid of cellular waste 
  • Provides critical immune system function
  • Controls rate of repair in the body
  • Stimulates increased blood flow but when blood flow is low can cause brain fog and cognitive impairments due to slow blood flow to brain 
  • Stimulates oxygen consumption in heart, liver, skeletal muscles and kidneys 
  • Helps with sleep and mood

Optimum thyroid included making sure the thyroid isn’t swollen or have any nodules, making sure lab values are in optimum function, such as TSH > 0.3-1.2. 

The thyroid is a very interesting hormone gland. The thyroid is like a gas pedal for the body. The car needs gas to go forward and the car will be fine, but with no gas pedal action, it won’t go the distance. Base thyroid testing incudes: 

  • TSH, Total T4, Total T3, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG), Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO), Thyroglobulin (TG), Reverse T3, cortisol, DHEAs, cholesterol (TG, LDL, HDL), GGT. 

Some research estimates 90% of those with hypothyroid actually have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune thyroid disease with some symptoms of hypothyroid and some symptoms of autoimmunity. 

There are many things that impair thyroid function including the stress or adrenal glands, nutrient deficiency, drug interaction, toxicity such as heavy metals, chronic infection or food allergies and liver or digestive system impairment.

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