Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy metal testing is done using urine and done in 2 parts. First a first morning urine test is done to attempt to determine the constant exposure of heavy metals. Then DMSA or a chelating agent is taken based on body weight after the first morning sample of the day as been voided. The 2nd urine collection is done by collecting urine cumulatively for the 6 hours after a first morning urine sample has been completed. The 2nd urine sample is trying to figure out the amount of heavy metals that were stuck in the body or a body burden of heavy metals, that the chelation substance (DMSA) has pulled out of the body.

We all have been exposed to heavy metals living in an industrial world. In fact some resources show heavy metals are showing up in snow in rarely travelled mountains and therefore we are all being exposed through industry. Some people can eliminate heavy metals very well and some people store these metals as they lack key nutrients or detoxification pathways to eliminate the heavy metals.

Heavy metals are also used in the body to create biofilms where infection of all kinds can safely evade the immune system and live in a body without being detected or killed.

Once the initial 1st test is done, followed by the 2nd chelation test, follow up tests done every 3-6 months will not need an initial first morning test and just need a chelation 2nd test used for comparison.