Digestive complaints are a common reason people seek naturopathic treatment. Whether it be gas, bloating, pain and discomfort or other issues, there is usually a reason why people experience digestive discomfort. Most people don’t have issues with breakdown down their food and absorbing nutrients in the digestive system, but those that do should be aware of the root cause of their discomfort. It is H. Pylori infection that prefers the acid nature of the stomach? Or food sensitivity testing every time you eat a certain food? There is almost always a reason. Naturopathic Doctors are trained to use testing to diagnose and treat your digestive concerns

The following tests are often thought of when digestive concerns arise:

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • GI-MAP
  • Intestinal permeability/Leaky Gut
  • SIBO testing
  • Histamine testing
  • Yeast testing
  • Blood work for autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease
  • Blood work for absorption markers such as vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D deficiency